Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Intellectual orgasm -------- "Nannaku Premato"

Nannaku premato, a regional telugu movie caused me a "Intellectual orgasm" and to completely absorb the movie into my body i watched it for 4 times in the span of 2 days and analysed the movie for 4 days.Here iam going to present the "Intelligence" of the movie.

Dont read further if you expect : About Heroism, Story,Actor or actress performance, Music, Photography, Praising words for director etc etc..

Movie is about : "Brain" vs "Brain"

The direction in which the movie goes, and the direction in which i wrote blog is completely opposite because "Life is best understood if studied backwards"

Abhiram (Abhi) who is born with extraordinary intelligence has to financially break down and destroy his equal intelligence bearing person Krishnamurthi koutilya (KK) for his personal reasons strictly in a month. KK is so wealthy that Abhi has to grab 10 crores in one second from KK to financially break him down.To destroy a intelligent,powerful,cunning KK is very difficult. Abhi has 3 different tasks infront of him to destroy KK.

Task-1:Destroy KK present & past cumulative earnings.
Task-2: Destroy Property in the name of KK daughter.
Task-3: Destroy KK future earnings.

The Tasks of Abhi is shown in below figure for imagination of reader.

Abhi and KK both believe in "Butterfly effect". Abhi uses this theory to carry out his work on KK.

What is "Butterfly Effect"?
The scientific theory that a single occurence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever.
Example: The flap of a butterfly's wings changed the air around it so much that a tornado broke out two continents away.
(Reference: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=butterfly+effect)

Abhi for employing "Butterfly effect" so to achieve his Task-1 chooses KK daughter. He follow ..follow...follow..follow...follow her and gets that task done in a cool way.
(Watch the movie for the details)

Abhi for Task-2 actually applies " Reverse Butterfly effect". KK daughter has already a "typhoon (Cyclone)" inside her head and abhi will cleverly take her to that butterfly  which caused the cyclone in her head and gets the Task-2 done.

Abhi tackling the Task-3,this is where his "extra ordinary intelligence" gets proved.He out does KK in a big way here. Actually KK indirectly helps Abhi here. KK because of his cheating genes creates many "butterflies" to flip their wings and Abhi here cleverly sums all the flip flaps of butterflies and succesfully creates "Tornado" and gets his Task-3 done.

This is how a character "Abhi" who got cyclone in his life takes revenge on the butterfly (KK)  which caused it. Great Imagination "Sukumar" darling. I love you for this movie and I dedicate this Post for you for giving me "Intelligent Orgasm".

Effect of "Nannaku Premato(NKP)" on "Express Raja (ER)" :

After watching NKP i went to excellent entertainer called ER. After impact of "Butterfly effect" of NKP in brain, I started to see things happening as "Butterfly effect". I can see the entire incidents happened in the movie because of heroine love on "Dog".... So i called that movie as "Dog effect".. hahahhhahahaha... Jokes apart, you can see the impact of NKP on the way i watch movies now...

Yours Lovingly

Ganesh "DNL"

Friday, 27 December 2013

"Abolishing Income tax" ... Can we shout out with pleasure???

Those who feel bore to read entire article and find answer to my title, Just read below  line.

" Yes, one can shout loudly with pleasure for abolishing Income tax..."

Now .. How?? (for this u need to read full article :) )

What is Tax?

Tax is imposition financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer by a state or other the functional equivalent of the state.

There are two types of Taxes in India – 
1.Direct Taxes
2.Indirect Taxes 

The Taxes whose burden falls directly on the Tax payers are the Direct Taxes like Income Tax, Wealth Tax etc., 

The taxes in which the burden is passed on to a third party are called Indirect Taxes like Service Tax, VAT etc.,

Tax should make Positive Impact, but what is Income tax doing?

Taxes have social impact. When we look at any of the taxes we need to look at what is the impact it would have on the social, economic and on the personal front.Let us take customs duty. It is largely used by countries to deter imports and to ensure that their own industry does not suffer. Excise duties also came in to create a level playing field to every player in the market. There were also reasons such as consumption deterrents. 

What is the purpose of Income tax? Instead of creating a positive impact on the society it produces a negative impact. Take the case of a person who is working hard to generate more income to him. The person has to end up paying more tax as well. His hard work generates more money as income to him and he is taxed more. In other words, the government is telling him if you work hard you will have to part with more. An obvious negative connotation!

If Income tax is abolished....

No income tax means more spending power(more investments), more demand, more manufacture, more jobs. In short, a faster growing economy Income tax leads to tax evasion as people don't declare their true income.

Subramaniya swamy response 
How will the government generate revenue if income and corporate taxes are abolished?
First, by abolishing these taxes we will increase savings, investments and boost growth and that itself will generate more revenue than we were currently making by having these taxes. Secondly, we can raise capital by auctioning off coal block, spectrum, surplus sand, oil fields, etc. Thirdly, the government can impose about one per cent tax on each and every banking transaction.

How to generate money for Government if 'Income tax' is abolished?
Best way to do away with income tax is to get down to indirect taxes. Every items apart from food and basic necessity items should have a tax payable to government. Taxation need to be imposed on every transaction including loan payment interest. This indirect taxation should be implemented with perfect accuracy so that it is light weight on the supply demand market forces. This is the major challenge in implementing indirect taxation. Another big challenge is who is going to keep track of it. So there should be a method so that every transaction comes to government notice. A credit card or debit card type of system need to be in place, where cash money will not be entertain. 

The rate of taxation should be variable depending on the luxuary and target consumer of the product. 

"This will indeed push the black money back to market, and once more all the money will be accountable"

Why to abolish Income Tax?
The most important thing to do today is to generate enthusiasm. No economy can improve if people feel defeated and become risk-averse. Therefore, we have to bring the positive feeling back by implementing measures that would revive the outlook. The other step that should be taken is increase the savings rate, help people save more, as this would translate into more investment which in turn would boost growth.
Both of these measures can be achieved by abolishing income and corporate taxes. The moment a government abolishes these taxes people will start feeling positive again because they would see that the "government is actually doing something for them".

"Jai Hind"
Ganesh "DNL"

Friday, 22 November 2013

Stop thinking 'Edison' as a Great Inventor....

Since, childhood my teachers, neighbours, relatives use to fill my ears & head with famous "Edison quote" for inspiring me. They say Edison was inventor of 'Electric Bulb' and for inventing it, he worked alot and failed many times. In-spite of failing some thousand of time, Edison still said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work". Listening this quote very frequently, I was growing. But after some time in my Life, I started doubting his quote. I use to think ... '10,000 times failed and still continued, Bull Shit!!!' . Now that doubt started growing bigger and bigger and I started my research on that question.

Result : I have won. The quote was really bull shit. Edison is not at all a great inventor. 

Let me tell u a small conversation happened with a person few days back.

Question :  Edison has 1093 patents. Dont u think he is great of inventing that many number of inventions?

My answer : The short answer to this is 'no.' The long answer is 'fuck no'.

Question: Didn't  Edison invent 'Electric bulb'? 

My answer : The short answer to that is 'no.' The long answer is 'fuck no'.

Listening to the answers his reaction is as follows: 

(My reaction was like the donkey in the above image.)

Question: Then what did he really invent?

My answer: Edison genuinely invented without any doubt:  the greeting 'Hello'.See this Joke clearly in the below video by Stephen Fry.

Let's come to the Core of  Topic.

Ready steady 1,2,3...Po

Edison is overrated as inventor. Actually, Edison ran a "sweat shop", " think-tank" and brought out all the fruits of his hired labour under his brand name and patent. Simply, he like Bill gates. Just as Bill gates have a office and office filled with employees and employees work for him and he earns money.That's the same case with Edison. As employees of Edison's company, the employees could not file for the patents in their own names and rightly so. 

In addition, most of "Edison's Inventions" were not completely original but rather improvements of earlier patents and this includes the incandescent light (the bulb’s filament was the key that made this successful) which he ‘perfected,’ not invented. Again, it was Edison's employees who played the largest role in these improvements and patents. Most of Edison's inventing was done at Menlo Park and the very early years at the West Orange facility.


Name the few thing Edison did not invent?

1. The Electric Bulb or Incandescent Lamp 
2. The Electric Chair 
3. The Movie Camera 
4. The Power Generator 
5. X-Ray Photographs (fluoroscope) 
6. The Storage Battery 
7. The Record Player 
8. Wax Paper 
9. The Telegraph 

The good thing of Edison is, he made his employees work hard, harder and hardest for  his 1093 patents which were very useful inventions to us. But, but, but I doubt no one can name atelast '5 out of 1093 patents are his own work'...

The Evolution of Bulb (True story)

Edison was neither the first nor the only person trying to invent an incandescent electric lamp. Many inventors had tried and failed some were discouraged and went on to invent other devices. Among those inventors who made a step forward in understanding the electric light were Sir Humphrey Davy,Warren De la Rue, James Bowman Lindsay, James Prescott JouleFrederick de Moleyns and Heinrich Göbel.

Milestones in inventing Electric lamp 
(Source : http://www.ideafinder.com/history/inventions/lightbulb.htm)

(You can skip reading this milestones if u want to & go directly to paragraph written in black letters below...)

1850 Joseph W. Swan began working on a light bulb using carbonized paper filaments 
1860 Swan 
obtained a UK patent covering a partial vacuum, carbon filament incandescent lamp
1877 Edward Weston forms Weston Dynamo Machine Company, in Newark, New Jersey.
1878 Thomas Edison founded the Edison Electric Light Company
1878 Hiram Maxim founded the United States Electric Lighting Company
1878 205,144 William Sawyer and Albon Man 6/18 for Improvements in Electric Lamps
1878 Swan receives a UK patent for an improved 
incandescent lamp in a vacuum tube
1879 Swan 
began installing light bulbs in homes and landmarks in England. 1880 223,898 Thomas Edison 1/27 for Electric Lamp and Manufacturing Process
1880 230,309 Hiram Maxim 7/20 for Process of Manufacturing Carbon Conductors
1880 230,310 Hiram Maxim 7/20 for Electrical Lamp
1880 230,953 Hiram Maxim 7/20 for Electrical Lamp
1880 233,445 Joseph Swan 10/19 for Electric Lamp
1880 234,345 Joseph Swan 11/9 for Electric Lamp
1880 Weston Dynamo Machine Company renamed Weston Electric Lighting Company
1880 Elihu Thomson and Edwin Houston form American Electric Company
1880 Charles F. Brush forms the Brush Electric Company
1881 Joseph W. Swan founded the Swan Electric Light Company
1881 237,198 Hiram Maxim 2/1 for Electrical Lamp assigned to U.S. Electric Lighting Company
1881 238,868 Thomas Edison 3/15 for Manufacture of Carbons for Incandescent Lamps
1881 247,097 Joseph Nichols and Lewis Latimer 9/13 for Electric Lamp
1881 251, 540 Thomas Edison 12/27 for Bamboo Carbons Filament for Incandescent Lamps
1882 252,386 Lewis Latimer 1/17 for Process of Manufacturing Carbons assigned to U.S. E. L. Co.
1882 Edison's UK operation merged with Swan to form the Edison & Swan United Co. or "Edi-swan"
1882 Joesph Swan sold his United States patent rights to the Brush Electric Company
1883 American Electric Company renamed Thomson-Houston Electric Company
1884 Sawyer & Man Electric Co formed by Albon Man a year after William Edward Sawyer death
1886 George Westinghouse formed the Westinghouse Electric Company
1886 The National Carbon Co. was founded by the then Brush Electric Co. executive W. H. Lawrence
1888 United States Electric Lighting Co. was purchased by Westinghouse Electric Company
1886 Sawyer & Man Electric Co. was purchased by Thomson-Houston Electric Company
1889 Brush Electric Company merged into the Thomson-Houston Electric Company
1889 Edison Electric Light Company consolidated and renamed Edison General Electric Company.
1890 Edison, Thomson-Houston, and Westinghouse, the "Big 3" of the American lighting industry.
1892 Edison Electric Light Co. and Thomson-Houston Electric Co. created General Electric Co.
light bulb, electric lamp, incandescent lamp, electric globe, Thomas Edison, Joseph Swan, Hiram Maxim, 
Humphrey Davy, James Joule, George Westinghouse, Charles Brush, William Coolidge,invention, history, inventor of, history of, who invented, invention of, fascinating facts.

Finally, In 1906, the General Electric Company was the first to patent a method of making tungsten filaments for use in incandescent light bulbs. The filaments were costly, but by 1910 William David Coolidge had invented an improved method of making tungsten filaments. The tungsten filament outlasted all other types of filaments and Coolidge made the costs practical....

The story of Edison is incomplete, if I dont narrate the historical war between him and Tesla.

Edison vs Tesla

In 1887, there were 121 Edison power stations in the United States delivering DC electricity to customers.The problem with DC was that the power plants could economically deliver DC electricity only to customers within about one and a half miles (about 2.4 km) from the generating station.When Tesla invented high -voltage 'AC'  and Tesla  suggested AC is perfect to use(as it could carry electricity hundreds of miles with marginal loss of power) Edison waged a "War of Currents" to prevent AC from being adopted.Edison has very egoistic character. On one of the more notable occasions, in 1903, Edison's workers electrocuted Topsy the elephant at Luna Park. Topsy" was kept by the Forepaugh Circus and spent her last years in the "Luna Park" of Coney Island, where she was abused many times.On January 4, 1903, Edison publicly electrocuted  "Topsy" to show "the dangers of AC" (alternating current).He wanted to discredit Nicola Tesla who were performing the AC (alternating current), while Edison defended his DC (direct current) idea (which didn't succeed). See the Video below how 'Edison electrocuted elephant.

Edison didn't want to switch his electrical systems to AC power for two reasons: First, it would be costly and second, because it would be a blow to Edison's pride.(Tesla initially worked under Edison, but due to some issues, Tesla has come out and carried out on his AC research)

 See the Rap fight  video below...

Conclusion:  No need of Inspiration from others stories because, when a work excites you, you will automatically do your "Own Work"....

Your's Lovingly
Ganesh "DNL"

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Why I feel Human = God...

Any person having 10 milligrams of brain behind his skull will understand the meaning of "Title" to this Post.

But, Wait..Wait... Don't Jump into the conclusion that iam going to discuss some "Philosophy". No No...
Instead let me tell a incident happened yesterday night Nov.20, 2013 at 10: 20 pm. Everything happened in just  25-30 minutes.

Characters: Me, X,Y,Z (dont want to reveal my friends names).

Something to be known before reading story: Me and X cook our daily dinner together,but he stays in next building.Building is 12 stairs and famously called 'Bharah thala' (Bharah =12, thala = building in hindi).
I go every night to him, have dinner and comeback to my room.On Nov 20, X told me that he has work outside and he has already cooked food to me and he will be coming to room after 10 pm only. So i told him lets have dinner after 10 pm. So he is on his work. Meanwhile Me,Y,Z in my room are having a group chat and we are commenting on stupidly composed songs of  newly Karan johar produced " Ghori Theri Pyaar Mai (GTPM)" . Songs are very oddly composed that we got involved in discussing about  that songs.

Real Story Begin...

While me,Y,Z are having full fun of teasing the songs of GTPM, my phone rung. It 'X' calling me dinner. I saw the watch, its 10:18 pm. I had attend the call and said i will come in 2 min. I got up from the place, and starting removing my 'Lungi', i got another call from 'X' again.
I received  the call.
X said 'are u coming or not??'.
I said,' iam coming'.
X : i didn't listen ur voice properly, so i called u again to confirm whether u r coming or not.
Me: ' I said, iam coming..'

Then i just removed my lungi and wore my fant and about wear my shirt, again i got call from 'X'

(Meanwhile Y,Z in my room are asking : ' who the hell is calling u these many times in a interval of 1 min', I didnt answer them)

With very little impatience i lift the call, before me speaking, X started in very worrying voice.

X: Anna, iam struck in the lift. there is no light in lift, i dont know in which floor iam. Please help me.

After listening his words, i just taught a second and all i could say to him is,

Me: hey, just be cool, iam coming there...

( What i told to him was lie. It's very serious matter. Lift is of low volume and double door and completely sealed. So I have to act quickly)

So with this 'Fat body' i started running down. Before going down i said Y,Z  about X being struck in lift.
When i got down and running to X, i met a friend in middle, who has drunk in the party. That asshole has his own suggestion. he says : Will u go and break the lift?? and started laughing loudly. Really some people are stupids. Now i dont have time to think. So i started to run towards building.

After reaching the building i called X and  asked him, what was the floor you were when the power was gone. He told it as 10th floor. Now i want to use second lift to go to 10th floor and see the situation. Unfortunately, that lift stopped working too. Hahahha, had to laugh for the situation. Now, i called 'X' and told him not to worry ( this i have to do at regular intervals to keep his hope still). I ran to watchman to say the event happened.Meanwhile, I called 'Y' and told situation is serious and he said he will call the authority person immediately

( Inside feeling of mine while running to Watchman:
My heart is fully burdened now, and brain is full of thoughts. I am thinking about the moments and jokes with X i have done.Hope is dancing like anything. Thought are running....)

Finally, I reached Watchman and said to him whole story. And Watch man responded very qucikly. He run to otherside of campus to bring liftman. I and Y met and went to the building and waiting for the help. To be frank, the watchman with liftman came with 'light speed' to the building. The way they ran to each floor checking.The liftman brought 2 to 3 extra people. In 3-5 minutes these people were able to trace in which floor he was struck and they did a 'Awesome' work of brining 'X' outside finally. All my fears perished in a moment. I felt Human ( Liftman) = God at that moment.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why I prefer Vishwanath Anand over Sachin for Bharatha Rathna.

First let me clarify to the people who has following question:  " Can Bharath Rathna be awarded to sports man?"
Answer is "Yes". In 2011, the Government of India modified the eligibility criteria to allow sportspersons to receive the award and opened the award for performance of highest order in any field of human endeavour from the earlier criteria for the highest degrees of national service.

So undoubetly "God of cricket" Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has a chance for considering to "Bharath rathna". But..but...but... there is a "More than God" living in India in the form of "Chess player" called "Vishwanath Anand". To prove my statements true, i need not lift mountains or drink ocean. But, simply let us understand Chess and Cricket. 

Ready ..Steady...1,2,3 ..Po..

1) Chess is an individual sport where you can be damn damn sure that only skill of the player matters. There is no Teamwork, Duck worth lewis method,rain abandoning the match,toss etc etc....

2) If I win a tournament, I win it by myself. I do the playing. Nobody helps me ---Fischer

3)  A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great chess player.

4) In Chess, as it is played by masters, chance is practically eliminated.

5) The laws of chess do not permit a free choice: you have to move whether you like it or not.

So, when Vishwanath anand is playing,  he is solo responsible for his win. No external helps,fortunes etc etc.

Cricket is a :

1) Team game
2) free will is there
3) Chances,luck,fortunes plays a key role here.

Sachin has always a successful partners with him, without which he is not successful. See photos below:

 Sachin and Laxman
 Sachin and Ganguly
 Sachin and Azhar
 Sachin and Kapil
 Sachin and Sehwag
 Sachin and Dravid

Sachin and Team

Where as Vishwanath anand plays solo role. He is master of his fate.

 Former national table tennis champion S. Raman lines:

“We shouldn’t forget that chess is played in almost all countries and, as a result, the competition is unbelievably tougher,” .  Anand revolutionised chess in India. “We not only had icons in cricket such as Gavaskar and Kapil but also a great achievement, the 1983 World Cup, before Sachin. What did we have in chess before Anand? A huge wall that separated the Soviet masters from the other players. Anand rewrote chess, it’s impossible for any Indian to match his contribution,”.

Bharat Singh, CEO of Chess Federation says there is no comparison between chess & cricket. #Cricket is played by 10 countries, #chess by 150.

Ajith Vadkayal says:

Unlike cricket, Chess is probably one of the most competitive sports in the world, with 158 national associations and millions of rated players. To emerge the world champion 5 times out of these millions of players is no mean task and requires great concentration, immense hard work and a sense of purpose.Anand had already been a world champion for 5 years when Sachin debuted in 1989 .Anand is one of the only 6 players to break the 2800 FIDE ratings mark,. In the highly competitive sport of Chess which has a history of more than a thousand years.As far as  upholding nation’s intellectual image in the competitive world is concerned, who can be a better ambassador than Vishwanathan Anand, reigning the world space and bringing right dignity to cerebral content of India for decades.  And he is the longest world champion in sports category, without any taint to his public profile.

Vishwanath Anand should be given the Bharat Ratna award...he won many titles against the world's best..and he achieved a significant feet than Sachin Tendulkar....I am not against Tendulkar...But Anand should get first priority.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Satya-2, why its a must watch?? --- 'DNL' Ganesh

Why “Satya-2” Concept excites me?

People enjoy listening to the lines “Crime is dead”, “Crime is abolished” and they get relaxed. Hahahaha… Can crime ever end??? Saying crime has end means all people should have equal money, equal justice etc etc. Is it ever possible??? No. So “Crime always exists”. “Satya-2” clearly shows a “Fictious play” on celluloid, how a crime changes its form and reshapes back when “Judiciary system” thinks they had abolished the “Crime”. See below the "Selfishness" present in "Life cells" .... :)

Aynrand’s philosophy of “Virtue of Selfishness” is used in this film. And its “RGV” who made me understand “Aynrand philosophy” through his blog  www.rgvzoomin.org

Satya wants to establish a "Company". He doesnot want to commit the mistakes done by previous gangsters.He want to enter the system with " strange unprevious pattern" so that fear creates in Judicary system.So he chooses "Black box " approach. It's the approach in which police couldn't find 'Who and how a crime is done'.

Satya now devise a plan to establish his company. His plan is :

Satya designs company as: " Company ek soch hai, aadmi (person) nahi "

He slowly enlarges his company one by one. The one working for a company doesnt know who the other person works in the company. In this way the expansion of company goes on and reach common people too.

Satya as a company targets to get " Power in India"

In the process of getting the power "Satya" looses his friend and in the path looses his wife and gets jailed.
In the Climax, the conversation in Jail with the officer reveals his real "Moto" and explains "Power of company" and we feel its "Just a Starting of Company Adventures...."

As Puri Jaggnadh said in Satya-2 Audio function, Watch Satya-2, for keeping " Thoughts in a systematic way", which leads to development and growth of your life.... I too feel the same way

In a line : A must watch Movie

PS: Anaika lips and eyes are to the film, just like  "Paan" after a wonderful lunch.

Written by
"DNL" Ganesh Chalavadi
Phone: 8002268644
Ph.D student.